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Sunday 26 April 2020

SAP MM-- Import Procurement full overview explanation

 Import Procurement full overview explanation

•Procuring of goods from US to India or any other places
     India to USA
•Currently India is using GST, so there are no different condition types will trigger
•Whereas in case of different country, the condition types for customs will come into picture
•Remove the tax code or maintain it to 0% and maintain the vendor to unchecked GR based IV

•Customs Clearance vendor will be different/Same as per the company requirements
•But if the customs vendor is different then IV needs to be posted before GR and that should be paid
•Once material received to plant then GR and following with IV       will happen

•Orders or u can use even same normal doc type(Preferred to use different)
•Material master—Foreign trade import tab –Fill details what type of products /region and Origin
•Vendor master—remove the GR based IV check for vendor or Invoice tab
•Check calculation schema whether import condition are maintained to calculate charges in PO
•Perform PO with all the details and do the Invoice with planned delivery costs
•Now perform the Goods receipt and Invoice receipt for normal goods
•Payment will release to vendor and prior payment of customs will be processed to vendor.
•This completes Import type of procurement

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