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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

STO Process – MM STO/Intra /Inter STO (MM-SD Integration)

STO Process – MM STO/Intra /Inter STO (MM-SD Integration)

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STO- Stock transport order


Every company will be having many plants and even they have same kind of materials for few kind of production activities, every time procuring from vendor is time consuming and even money because one of the other plant having those stocks without usage, so to save money for the company we use STO process.

SAP has been recommended STO type order “UB” for internal procurement purpose and we can have goods moment within company to company and plant to plant.

STO-There are 5 kinds of STO

1.     One step Method between two plants
2.     Two step Method between two plants
3.     Stock transfer between two plants without delivery (MM STO)
4.     Stock transfer between two plants with delivery without billing (Intra STO)
5.     Stock transfer between two plants with delivery with billing (Inter STO)

1.One step Method between two plants:

One step method means -the supplying plant will transfer the goods to receiving plant and posting goods movement accordingly by supplying plant,

Like using 301 movement in MB1B, the member will transfer the goods to other plant.

2.Two step Method between two plants:

Two step method means- the supplying plant will transfer the goods to receiving plant   and now once they transfer the goods to receiving plant it will get posted in Transit in order stock and when the receiver sees the stock in plant then receiver will post the other movement to move from in transit to plant stock.

Supplying plant will do 303 movement type in MB1B and receiving plant will do 305 movement type in MB1B.

3.Stock transfer between two plants without delivery (MM STO):

This process is also called as MM STO, but many of the companies will use intra or inter      process because of more features wrt stock.

In this case the respective receiving plant will creates a PO, with details mentioned as from which plant and stock required and all the details.

PO will be created with document category UB and item category as U, so that it’s a inter STO PO created for internal stock movement.

Once the PO is created will give to the supplying plant and the from the supplying plant there is a goods movement done by plant person.

Using movement type 351-MB1B, movement of goods will happen once we create PO.
Now the goods will be in in transit and the receiving plant person will be doing MIGO wrt PO, so that stock will show as unrestricted stock.

4.Stock transfer between two plants with delivery without billing (Intra STO)

Inter STO also have the same features as I mentioned below, whereas here the stock transfer is 2 different company codes with different plants and each from one company code.

Here we require help of SD Consultant, whenever you were creating STO PO, we need to take help of SD consultant. Stakeholders need to inform the receiving plant, so that they will be creating the customer code for that particular plant and maintain some distribution channel accordingly for that, As a SAP MM Consultant we need to maintain the backend settings for the receiving plant, so that will get shipping tab in the PO for that particular receiving plant.
This type of process is called MM-SD Integration

        **********We cannot perform 3rd scenario if we are working 4th as present, to work for 3rd scenario we need to delete the settings for 4th step and process always*********


We need to ensure that material that we are shipping from 1 plant to other plant should be extended in material master for both the plants.

Both the materials should have sales and purchasing and accounting views mandatory.

Sales data will be given by SD Consultant and if not, we can request SD Consultant to give the sales data to update for the material master.

Ensure to select all the 3 sales views and maintain the important data required in all the 3 screens to avoid SD errors.

In Material master we need to maintain the standard language for those receiving plants-Additional Data-Languages, Maintain the language like DE_ Germany

Ensure stock is there in supplying plant, or else we will get error in OBD-Outbound delivery

Back-End settings for Shipping (Intra):

To get shipping tab details in PO, we need to maintain few backend settings for PO-STO

            Materials Management-      
                                                            Purchase Order-
                                                                        Setup STO

(!) Define Shipping data for Plants:

Here we need to define the shipping data for plants, maintain the receiving plant details like -double click on receiving plant-Enter Customer number, Sales organization, Distribution channel E.t.c.

All the Above information will be given by SD Consultant.

Enter all the details and save the screen.

(!!) Assign delivery type and checking rules:

We need to maintain the delivery type and some checking rules for this step.
Order type as Order type-UB
Supplying plant-
Delivery type- NL(Intra)
We have 2 delivery types NL and NLCC
Checking rule maintain as 01

(!!!) Assign Document type One step Procedure, Under Tolerance

SPL plant –
Rece plant-
Order type-

Once we done all this correct -PO will take shipping tab automatically for this scenario.


We have done with backend settings, now create PO- Me21n and mention the purchasing document as UB and item category as U.

Enter the material, shipping plant and receiving plant- enter the quantity and other data-PO will pop up a Shipping tab with NL order type.

Now let’s think shipping pant is having stock to create OBD.

OBD is the process where shipping plant will create a delivery invoice in which material will be adjusted to move out to receiving plant.

VL10D-Outbound Delivery

Open VL10D and Purchase orders- maintain the purchase order and check the dates the PO delivery is between that dates and execute -so that it will take to quantity screen and select line and go to background.

If you want to check the log- check and take the OBD number or else if any errors found, try to resolve.


Once the OBD is done, the supplying plant should issue the goods to receiving plant, for that they require PGI-Post goods issue.

PGI will be done based on OBD quantity and same will be moved as intransit.

VL02N-PGI will be done with OBD reference number – just take the picking tab and mention the quantity as OBD posted and post PGI.

Once PGI is posted, goods will be moved to intransist and we can see in MMBE stock report-in transist.

If we check for movement type happening its 641 and once everything is done and goods received to plant, then post MIGO

Following with MIGO with OBD and not with PO, Post MIRO and this Intra goods concept has been end.

*****there will be no billing for with in company code transfers **********

5.Stock transfer between two plants with delivery with billing (Inter STO)

Inter STO is also same as intra STO, whereas we have little different because vendor (XK01) is involving in terms of supplying plant.

Why we are involving vendor, because they should be billing to be done to supplying plant from receiving plant.

Inter STO is also called as MM-SD Integration

Because higher level credits and debits will be involved for company code level, here two different company codes, so billing should TAKES PALCE.

We will be creating material as normally and maintaining in both the plants as we did for intra STO by maintaining sales data for both.

Now create maintain a vendor and inside purchasing data -maintain for plant as supplying plant-once you enter vendor in PO -it will take supplying plant backend.


Material (SP+RP)
Vendor-Purchasing to plant as SP
Customer number from SD Consultant

Back-End settings
Define shipping data for plants

Maintain the receiving plant customer code and remaining data that received from SD Consultant

Assign Delivery type and checking rule

Here we re creating PO with Document type NB- because vendor is involving indirectly
NB document type
Item category -Standard

Assign Document type One step Procedure, Under Tolerance

Document type is NB-mention the shipping and delivery plant and save the back-end settings.

Now we can create a PO, with NB document type and blank item category, whereas we already maintained vendor as plant in XK01.

Now as per the backend settings and XK01 vendor mater shipping tab will come automatically with delivery type NLCC

Now post OBD-Outbound delivery, VL10D-proceadure has been explained above
Now post the PGI-Post goods issue with respect the OBD and once PGI is posted goods will be in intransist.

Now do the billing for the plant to which we are sending through VF01 and this implies with billing from the respective cost center.

Now we can do the MIGO with respect to OBD and following with MIRO.

This Completes the process of Inter/Intra STO.


  1. best blog ever...thanks a lot

  2. what is the main difference between stock transffer and transfer posting?
    can we do delivery wit transffer posting?

    1. Stock transfrer- - Within the plant moving the stock
      Transfer posting- Moving to production or cost center

    2. STO refers to intra comp and Inter comp...which means the stock transfer will happen with in plant?

    3. sir pls tell me accounting entries for inter sto process

  3. What is movement type for Internet in OBD. IS IT 671.

  4. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing blogs that understand the value of providing a quality resource about STO process. Oracle fusion instance access

    1. Thank you


  5. Hi ram,
    Its very good blog, after reading this I get a lot of satisfaction.

  6. very informative video,now i got clear picture about STO..Thanks a lot for posting such wonderful video.

  7. Hi ram once see your INTRA STO PROCESS

    4)Stock transfer between two plants with delivery without billing (Intra STO)

    INTER STO also have the same features as I mentioned below, whereas here the stock transfer is 2 different company codes with different plants and each from one company code.

  8. Yeah I understood

  9. awesome blog dear really......i salute ur efforts


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