SAP EWM Drive for Consultants

SAP EWM Drive for Consultants
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Tuesday 26 May 2020

SAP MM---Inbound Delivery/CCK/Advanced Shipping Notifications

Inbound Delivery/CCK/Advanced Shipping Notifications:

Inbound delivery will be created for few of the vendors/ Materials to know the advanced information rereading materials that going to store in a company
Advanced shipping notifications gives prior information to stakeholders related to stock that going to place, so that we can make arrangements in plant/Warehouse
CCK plays a major role in deciding this Inbound delivery and this will be activated in vendor master or PO

We can have our customized CCK –Confirmations while creating PO we can assign to vendor as per the requirements
We can also maintain delivery date tolerance in customization
Reminder check to vendor related to notification that prior

GR cannot be posted without Inbound delivery, where its mandatory to receive the advanced shipping notification about goods
To create inbound delivery T-code is VL31N/VL32N/VL33N

Friday 22 May 2020

SAP MM Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP)

Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP)
RTP is a special kind of stock that we handle in organization
Once we are transferred the material to our storage location then we will return this packaged material
Material type for RTP is –LEIH
Movement type that indicates receiving material with RTP is 501 M
Returning RTP packaged material movement type is 502-M
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