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Wednesday 11 September 2019

Partner Functions/ Vendor Sub-range and One-Time vendor -SAP MM:

Partner Functions/ Vendor Sub-range and One-Time vendor -SAP MM:

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One-time vendor Concept:

Every organisation has a vendor master, where it fulfils the activities of buying goods and services for running their production activities, if one organisation which is big in market having a vendor master data in SAP. Let’s think it’s having data of around 10000 vendors in their vendor master data, but in that there are using only 2000 vendors regularly and remaining vendors are used yearly once and twice.

Here SAP or other ERP data is not unlimited, we need to remove the data or save the data for other transactions to process and not for these unwanted things.

We all know that if we need to select any vendor for the purchase order purpose then first thing is like we need to maintain a master record for that vendor and after we can process the purchase order request.

In SAP, we have a solution that particular vendors account groups is maintained with one-time vendor concept, it means that vendor number will be used only for one time vendor, it can be any vendor we need to use this vendor number only by changing the vendor number in the purchase order.

Vendor account group:

 we will define all the vendors by vendor account group itself- because I control field settings, number ranges, one-time vendor, vendor sub range and partner functions.

If we are creating one vendor, then selection priority will be vendor account group.

E.g.: KRED is for normal vendor

CPD- One-time vendor
CPDL-One-time vendor

In this blog we are studying about one-time vendor then we need to select the CPD account group for creating the one-time vendor.

Here CPD and CPDL are both considered for one- time vendor account group


If we got a requirement to create a new one-time vendor, then we will select the account group as KRED and maintain all the data in vendor master and here we cannot find some details like transaction details and all other remaining details we can update as normally.

Once we are done with vendor creation, we need to ask the buyer to create PO, here once he enters the vendor number in PO, then vendor filed will be blank and here we need to select the vendor name and update details as required.

And in normal case, we will not get that fields blank because those are not one-time vendor account.

Path to select the vendor-One-time account:

            Logistics general-
                                    Business Partner-
                                                                                    Define account group-

Here we need to select the vendor -CPD and double click to edit the settings and inside select the one-time vendor option.

Once we select that option then vendor will become onetime vendor for that account group, and we can maintain the field settings as per that in system.

Vendor sub-ranges- Purchasing:

Two levels of vendor sub-range



As we all know there are vendors who can supply internationally like 1 vendor where headquarters in USA and branches in all other countries, here if they have many branches then there will be many conditions and many different values like

E.g.: Different currency and payment terms, Incoterms and lead time

Whereas in vendor purchasing view we can maintain only 1 value but here as per the country the currency and payment terms will change.

So here SAP we have option called vendor sub-range and this field helps to maintain different purchasing views for 1 vendor like 3-4 different currency, Payment terms and incoterms.

To achieve this one, we need to select the options like- vendor purchasing view -menu bar-extras-add purchasing data and allow VSR.

Now maintain the sub range number and data that required, and we can view this data in XK03 and in PO we can use this data through sub range number.

We can also maintain back-end settings for this.


            Logistics general-
                                    Business Partner-
                                                                        Define account group-vendor sun ranges

While creating PO- The system will automatically take the default purchasing view and in material data we need to select the vendor sub- range number then all the fields will change automatically.


As we studied about multiple sub-ranges and the same scenario, we can have multiple partners for 1 vendor by plant wise and we can maintain N number of plants with this scenario.

We have a vendor in India and having manufactures in all states, so OA, GS, PI will change with respect to state and we can maintain only 1 vendor but different partner views.

To achieve this first maintain the path settings:

                        Define account group-vendor partners

Go to purchasing view and select the plant level and maintain the plant and partner functions then automatically partner views are maintained.

Once we enter the plant in PO, then system will take the vendors automatically as per sub-range.

Partner Functions:

We have partner functions for every vendor like we have one vendor which is main vendor and we can call like parent vendor with having headquarters in US and having many branches throughout the world.

Now for every order the main vendor cannot deliver the goods and taking amount for that, here we have many strategies and responsibilities assigning.

VN-Main vendor and we can call like headquarters managing all the things.

OA- Manufacturer who will manufacture and send the goods, where one main vendor can have many manufactures in the other countries to fulfil the requirements of goods.

GS- Once the manufacturer ready the goods in vendor location now goods supplier will supply the goods to ordered party.

PI-Where the ordered party received goods then payment should be made to account related company.

In real scenarios the OA, GS, PI will be same and VN will be different because VN is always headquarters.

We have partner functions for all types of orders, especially we use partner functions for Contracts and PO’s also STO orders.

Backend settings:

Here we define what are all the partner functions needs to mention for document type and functions needs to appear while creating vendor master.

We can also maintain the mandatory vendor functions for contracts and PO’s, such that no one misses to update in PO or contract.

System will through an error to update the partner functions.

Step 1) We need to define the partner roles

            Materials Management-
                                                Partner Determination-
                                                                        Partner roles-
                                                                                    Define partner roles-

If we are defining partners newly then here, we need to maintain the role-two-digit alpha the assign to vendor category L1

If we are defining OA, GS, IP then maintain all three partners and assign to vendor type L1 then save,
Step 1.2) Define permissible partner roles for account group.

            Materials Management-
                                                Partner Determination-
                                                                        Partner roles-
                                                                                    Define permissible partner roles A/C-

Here whatever the partner roles we defined, we need to assign to account group and save.
Here if we have defined OA, GS, PI then we need to assign A/c group account like KRED, CPD, CPDL

Just we need to assign to account group.

We know how to define an account group for the vendor.

Step 2) Partner settings in vendor master record:

Define partner schema: Here we are defining two-digit alpha number and maintaining all the related partners in that group by maintaining all the related partners in that group.

Step 2.1) Assign Partner schema to A/C group:

Here we should assign the two-digit number to vendor account group and save.

By these settings, whenever you are creating new vendor for that account group in partners functions these functions will appear to update in vendor master.

We can maintain these functions optional or mandatory also in these settings.


            Materials Management-
                                                Partner Determination-
                                                            Define Partner settings in vendor master record

Step 3: Partner settings in purchasing documents:

3.1- Define partner schema:

Here we have few options/define with four-digit key like Purchase order, Contract, STO and any other as per your organisation requirements.

Double click to enter inside and maintain the roles that you would like to set in the respective transaction like purchase order and contract.

What partners you want to see in PO and same way partners in contract and whether is mandatory to update or not.

            Materials Management-
                                                Partner Determination-
                                                            Define Partner schema to document types

Once we are done with updating the required fields in four-digit key, save the screen and follow for next step.

3.2) Assign Partner schema to Document type:

Whatever we defined above just assign that four digits to this PP document type, so that while creating PO these partner functions will come for selection.

If any changes or extra functions to add, then we need to add and after that we need to create PO.

These complete the vendor master concepts and let me know if you require any other concept to explain briefly.


  1. This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing blogs that understand the value of providing a quality resource about vendor subrange. Oracle fusion financials training


    1. In po condition type click on fra1 and in that screen down side of corner provide your transportation vendor number so at time of invoice the material price will be paid to material provide and another vendor also get paid

  3. Will all different OA (branches) linked to its VN (headquater) have the same vendor ID?

  4. The one-time vendor concept is a great way to streamline the procurement process and reduce administrative costs. It simplifies the process of finding and managing multiple suppliers are obtained in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  5. Your post is a great reminder that the little things, like a good watering can , can make a big difference in the health of your plants.

  6. Will all the various branches of OA be connected to its VN headquarters and share the same vendor ID?


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