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Thursday 7 November 2019

What is IDOC? Explanation for Interview Purpose

What is IDOC? Explanation for Interview Purpose:

Overview Explanation for Interview purpose

Question: What is IDOC?

IDOC is an Intermediate document, where data will be transferred and received into the receiver system with the help of EDI.


Data exchange between two systems can takes place with the help of IDOC as per the  requirements

We have 2 methodologies in IDOC, one is ALE IDOC and other is EDI IDOC.

ALE IDOC will be data transfer between SAP to SAP system.
EDI IDOC is data transfer between SAP to NON -SAP System

  • Explain the setup of IDOC- Inbound or Outbound:

We will setup the IDOC, as once we get confirmation that with whom data transfer is going on.

1.vendor- LI
3.Logical system- LS

Any data that transferring out of our system to other system is called outbound
Any data that transferring into our system to other system is called Inbound

·       Setup of IDOC for Vendor:

WE20- we will select the vendor and enter the vendor number and few fields will fetch automatically like partner type and agent.

We can see 2 options Inbound and Outbound, select the respective one and enter the partner role and message type.

Now system will allow us to maintain the receiving port number, which will be given by Basis consultant and enter pack size and basic type of IDOC and extension

1.     What is Port number

Port number contains the receiver details where we are sending the information to the partner, Port number contains the IP address of the receiving partner to flow of data.

2.     What is Basic type

Basic type contains the data where it should flow to receiver and data will flow with the help of segments.

3.     What are Segments

Segments are the part of IDOC, where all the fields mapping will be done like item details and header details wrt receiver system, in which every segment like few fields and it will help to analyze the data also.
4.What is Extension:

In Basic type we are sending data as per the mapping done in segments, few cases we have some customizing fields that needs to be transferred to receiver then it should be done by extension field.

·       Once we complete the above details, we have message options to setup, here we are mentioning application and message type along with process code

1.     What is Application
Its code where we will select as per the purchasing document, EF for purchase order

2.     What is message type:
It explains what type of message we are sending to the receiving partner, like we will send PO, Invoice, OC and Acknowledgement

3.     What is Process code:
It’s a piece of code, where we have mentioned segments for fields and sending PO through electronic message and now ABAP team will prepare a code for that message.

·       Once we are done with this now, we need to maintain the agent number- Respective buyer number in post processing, where IDOC status will be generated and flowed to buyer and he will analyze the OCR.

How do you Monitor an IDOC?

WE02- we will search for the IDOC and we see the records maintained for that IDOC.

1. Control record
2. Data record
3. Status record

Control record: Control record contains the information of IDOC number, who is the receiver/Sender and IDOC created on and few more basic details

Data record: It contains the segments, where we mapped few fields and if any field in not popping up, then we will check in this record and ask ABAP team to add those fields.

Status record: Where we can see all documents processed for that IDOC, we can check PO number and we can see access sequence number wise.

We can have number like 53 for successful outbound and 13 for successful inbound.

Manual Processing:

We can have selection like whenever PO is saved IDOC will get generated, if not we can mention as collective IDOC and send those manually by T-code BD87

Failure IDOC:

We can have few failure messages through IDOC,
We have 2 separate programs, where IDOCs will be processed again.

Test IDOC:

If we want to test and edit the IDOC, then we have test IDOC, where we ca copy by tcode WE19 and edit and test the IDOC- Only for testing.

We can use BD87 also for this testing.


  1. What is sap to sap data transfer
    What are the systems involved in it?

  2. In IDOC full overview topic you mention IDOC Status: '53 for successful Inbound' and here you mention '53 for successful outbound', Which one is correct ?

  3. Dear Sir,
    I am regularly watching the videos related to sap mm in your YouTube channel, u mentioned process clearly mentioned in drive, so can you explain where can i find that drive.

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