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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Important Table in SAP-MM- Reporting SE16N

Important Table Names in SAP-MM

·      Material Master:

MATNR-Material Number
MARA- Material master General Data
MARC-Material master plant data
MARD-Material master storage location data
MAKT-Material master description
MARM-Material master UOM
MBEW-Material Valuation
MVKE-Sales data for material
STKO-BOM Header details
STOP-BOM Item details
MAST- Material to BOM link
T023- Material Groups
WERKS- Plant

·      Vendor Mater:

LFA1-vendor master general selection
LFB1-Vendor master Company code data
LFC1-Vendor master transaction figures
LFBK-Vendor master Bank details
LFM1-vendor master purchasing organization data
LFM2-Vendor master purchasing data
WYT1-Vendor Sub-range
WYT1T- Vendor Sub-range description
WYT5-Changes to vendor master record

·      PIR-Purchase Info record:

EINA-Purchase info record-general data
EINE-PIR-purchase organization data
EIPA-PIR-price history
KONP-Condition Item
KONH-Condition Header
QINF-QM Infor record for Material/vendor
DRAT-Texts-Info record

·      Source list

EORD- Source list

·       Purchase requisition

EBAN- Purchase requisition
EBKN- Purchase requisition account assinmentt report

·      Purchase Order

EKKO – PO Header report
EKPO – PO Item report
EKKN- PO Account assignment report
EKBE- History for the PO
KONV- Condition value storage
EKO- PO delivery dates

·      Quota Arrangement

EQUK- Quota arrangement header data
EQUP- Quota arrangement Item data
Important T-codes
MEQ1- Create Quota
MEQ2- Change Quota
MEQ3-Display Quota
MEQ4-Chnages done in Quota
MEQ6- Analyze Quota
MEQ7- Delete Quota
MEQ8- Monitoring Quota

·      Inventory Management tables

MSEG- Material document
MKPF- Material document header information
MARD- Material stock
MBEW- Material stock valuation
MSKA- stock balance for sales
MKOL- Special stocks like consignment

·      Invoice tables

RBKP- Invoice document header
RSEG- Invoice document item


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