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Monday 27 May 2019

Configuration of Basic Material master-SAP MM

Configuration of Basic Material master-SAP MM

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·       Material master is the one of the important concepts, where different departments (Production, planning, Quality, Finance, sales and distribution) will use this data throughout the organization and we will be integrating with all the above modules.

·       It helps the organization to store the data of material or product in their master data.

·       Each material in the SAP must be associated with certain material numbers Irrespective of its internal or External procurement, each material will be allocated with certain numbers (Alphabets/Numeric/Alpha-Numeric) as per there company customization.

·       SAP Material data is required in order to maintain few department data in SAP.

o   Centralized material data in SAP throughout the organization.
o   Integrate the material with GL accounts (MM-FI Integration)

·       Each material is SAP is associated with 2 different characteristics, there are Industry sector and material type

o   Industry sector: Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, IT, Electronics, Civil
o   Material Type: Raw material, Semi-finished product, finished product, trading, Packaging     

With the help of material type, we can customize the material data like view/fields required to maintain the material master, these 2 characteristics will enable/activate different properties/requirements for all the materials.

Key Fields of Material master:

We have some key fields in material master, few of them are:

Material Type:

 Material type describes the type of material (Stage of the product) like the material may be 
Raw-Finished product, semi-finished product-Needs to be furnished for an ultimate product, Trading-buying and reselling the products by the organization(Use and sell) and Packaging-Which can be used for the packaging purpose, its mainly explains about price data, where material price needs to be maintained as standard price or Moving average price in material master.

Material group:

Combining some sort of materials in to one group and create a material group for those all materials, even we can combine some part of same services into one material group.
Its easy to determine/report by sorting with material group (Eg: we need materials that maintained in particular Material group and plant-we can use the plant code along with material group in T-code MM60 to get the material report).

Industry Sector:

Industry sector is mainly for type of industry that material belongs to and under which industry we need to maintain this material in Material master (Organization master data).

o   Industry sector: Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, IT, Electronics, Civil

Valuation Class: Needs to learn in MM-FI Integration

Valuation Type: Needs to learn in MM-FI Integration

Management of Material master SAP MM:

We will be doing mainly 4 requests in material master:

o   Create/Change
o   Copy
o   Extend
o   Flag for Deletion


 When we need a new material to be maintained in material master then we can use this function in MM01 to create a new material by entering all the remaining fields in the SAP MM(MM01)


Once the material is maintained in material master with certain data and wants to update the corrective data in the material master Eg: Material group needs to be changed/Purchase group/BUM e.t.c. we can perform this action by T-code:MM02


Copying of one material data to other material(new) can be performed by the action Copy (MM01) with maintaining the new material details and mentioning the copy reference material in copy reference tab and just execute follows with changing the material short text or any specific data for that particular material.

We can maintain the copy data of one plant to another plan also.


Extension of material will be done only if you forgot to maintain any views in material master/Update of material master (Eg: sales data has been created for that material for maintaining sales view).

Eg: while creating a material master with some views like basic data, Purchasing, Accounting and sales data, if we tend to forget the maintaining the sales data, then we can perform the maintenances by 2 methods
o   MM01
o   MM50

We can maintain the mass extension of materials if we have by using MM50.

Eg: if we received an update for 100 materials to maintain the text then we can use MM50 and select the particular view and maintaining as a bulk/Mass maintains

Flag material for Deletion:

We cannot delete the material master once its created, only thing we can allowed is change and if we don’t require that material to be in material master then we should maintain that material as flag by using T-code MM06

Anyway, we can view those material functions in MM03.

Also, we can also block the material in plant specific or purchase organization specific if not we can block the material for purchasing activity which will not allow any order/PIR/SL for that particular material.

Creating a New material in material master:

1.     To create a material in material master, the T-code is MM01 and for the external procurement purpose the material number will be fetched automatically and for internal procurement we need to insert the material number (Alphabet/Numeric/Alpha-numeric).

2.     Insert the material number in material field-Eg 10056M

3.     Mention the industry sector-Eg: Mechanical, Electrical, chemical, IT  
4.     Enter the Material type to Raw Material/Semi finished/Trading/Customized material type as per client requirements.

5.     Copy from Option needs to be used only if we are copying the new material data with old material.

6.     Once we fill all the details press Enter.

7.     We will be receiving the pop-up where system asks to maintain the views for the material selected.

8.     Select the relevant fields like Basic data/Purchasing/Accounting e.t.c.

9.     Once done please check the button

10.  We will be receiving one more pop-up icon stating maintain the plant and c.code, where we select the view of purchasing /plant specific, the data we are saving it will be saved in there organization level.

11.  Once you entered please check the button

12.  Now you will be going to the material master tabs, where you selected the few fields in the starting

13.  Basic data-Enter the material short text clearly-Which should define the material name
14.  Base unit of measure-Kg/PC/EA.
15.  Material group-respective group
16.  Old material number
17.  Ext material group

18.  Dimensions-Gross weight, Net weight, Weight Unit, Volume , Volume unit
Purchasing tab

1.     As we already maintained few data like short text and material group just we need to enter some data like
2.     Base UOM
3.     Order unit
4.     Purchasing group
5.     Plant specific material status-Where we can block the material for the respective plant.

Accounting tab

            1.Enter the valuation class-Learn
            2.price control-V/S where V-Moving average price S-Standard price
            3. Moving price -set some price as per price control/Standard price if we select the S in price control.

Here We done with Creating Basic Material master and certain fields needs to be filled as per the company requirements

Configuration part of Material type and material group.
Material Type:

      Logistic General-

                        Material master-


                                         Manage Material type-

                                                  Define attributes of Material types  

We cannot create a new material type only we can do is Copy the reference of material type and maintain the new one with few changes as you required.

You know in which stage the material type needs to be filled (Semi finished product-Raw material-raw material 2-finished product).

Here Raw material 2 is the extra material type we wants to create, so we need to select the raw material in Define attributes of Material types and Up we have a copy as option, just click and you will get the new screen stating few fields are copied from Old data.

Try to change few details like short text and if anything, please do make changes and save the data, a new material type has been created.

We can create the new material type in starting Z or Y as per the SAP recommendation.

Material Group:

     Logistics General

            Material master

                        Settings for key fields

                                    Define material group     

We can create a new material group but not material type
Click on new entries and mention the material group number with valid short text and save the data.


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