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Monday 22 July 2019

Over and Under Consumption along with all Movement types in SAP MM

Over and Under Consumption along with all Movement types in SAP MM:

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As we all know, when we order for a finished product with subcontracting order. We need to send the stock to the vendor, or we need to procure from the same vendor.

Let’s think we have sent the stock to vendor through MB1B- 541 movement, now vendor should prepare the final product with your child materials.

The overview of concept explains vendor consumption for subcontracting (More/less), all queries will be related to this only.

Example: Under Consumption: 

let’s take a simple example, we have ordered the final product as shirt and for that we have sent the cloth and thread for making the final product, let see -we have sent cloth of 100 pieces and for making 100 shirts and we sent 100 KG of thread. Now the vendor made 100 shirts with 100 clothes, but he used only 90 kg of thread. Here 10 KG of thread is under consumption.

Step1: Now we post the MIGO 101 for the received goods.

Subcontracting PO- 100 shirts (Post fully), Now check for the remaining materials which are over/under consumed by the vendor. As per our scenario vendor used only 90 kg of thread, Now check how to post for remaining 10kg of thread and how to take back from vendor.

Now we need to make sure that subsequent posting has been done in MIGO-Subsequent adjustment and select the PO and line item, once you enter the subcontracting PO, the line items will be shown in the item overview along with the child materials.

Select the material and make 10 kg in quantity and check the under consumption (In this case we have under consumption) and post the subsequent adjustment.

Now go to MB1B and select the movement type 542, and post for the 10 KG of quantity to bring back the stock of 10 kg from vendor.

Example: Over Consumption:

let’s think we have ordered 100 shirts in subcontracting order by entering components as 100 cloth and 100 kg thread, now vendor has been delivered 95 shirts by consuming 100 cloth and 100 kg thread and for extra 5 shirts we need to send the material to vendor and it can be considered as Over consumption.

We need to follow the same process as I mentioned above, up to MIGO you can follow and next you can check below.

Go to MIGO- Subsequent Adjustment- PO number-Execute
Select the child material which is over consumption and maintain the value of 10 KG
Check the option Over consumption.
Go to MB1B- 541 Movement
Transfer the 10 clothes and 10 KG threads and post.

Even in this quantity if there is over and under consumption follow the same process, please focus on the quantity and logical, so that we can post in MIGO- Subsequent correctly.

Movement Types in SAP MM series Wise:


Note: Anything cancellation will be 1+(E.g.: for 101 cancellation is 101+1=102)

101- Posting goods receipt for the purchase order, when we receive goods normally from the vendor.
102-Cancellation for 101, we need to cancel the movement type fully and repost if any changes required.
103-Posting goods receipt of PO into GR Blocked stock, GR blocked stock means when we receive the excess quantity from supplier, we can move to GR blocked stock and make decision after on this.
104- cancellation of GR blocked stock.
105-release of GR blocked stock to unrestricted stock, directly it will post to unrestricted when we use movement 105.
121- Subsequent adjustment for the subcontracting stock, over consumption and under consumption.
122- return delivery posting
123-cancellation of return delivery posting.
124-Return delivery to vendor from GR blocked stock
125-cancellation of return delivery to vendor from GR blocked stock
161-return purchase order to vendor


We can perform in MB1A
We will use these 2 series movement for issuing goods
201- Goods issue for the cost center
221-Goods issue for Project
251-Goods issue for sale
261-Goods issue for production order
281-Goods issue for Network
291-Goods issue for Account Assignment


301- Transfer posting from plant to plant in one step
302-cancellation of transfer posting for 301.
303-transfer posting from plant to plant in 2 steps-In this case material will be moved to plant stock and not directly to transfer plant stock
304-cancellation of 303
305-we can get the 303-material moved to plant by using movement 305
309- Transfer posting from Material to material
311- transfer of storage location to other storage location one step
313-transfer of storage location to other storage location two step
315-Put away the stock from 313
321- Quality inspection stock to unrestricted
322-unrestricted to Quality inspection stock
349-Blocked stock to Quality inspection
350- Quality inspection to Blocked stock
343-Blocked stock to unrestricted stock
344- unrestricted stock to Blocked
331-sample from Quality inspection
333- sample from unrestricted stock
335- sample from Blocked stock

We can process all the above movement types by using T-code MB1B
We can view all this stock transfers in MB51, all material movement with Quantity.
MB51- Material -plant

History of that material in the plant X, report will be generated accordingly to know the exact stock present in the plant.

4XX- Series

411- Transfer of special stock to Unrestricted Stock
               We have special stocks like consignment, where once GR is posted for Consignment PO stock will be moved to vendor consignment stock
Once we receive to vendor consignment stock, then we need to move to our own stock, with movement type 411 K
412- cancellation of 411-K
413- Transfer posting to sales order stock
451-returns from customer
453-transfer of blocked stock returns to unrestricted use stock
455- returns stock transfer
457-transfer of blocked stock returns to quality inspection stock
459-transfer of blocked stock returns to blocked stock

5XX Series

501- Goods receipt without p.order to unrestricted stock
503- Goods receipt without p.order to quality inspection stock
505- Goods receipt without p.order to blocked stock
521-Goods receipt without order to unrestricted stock
523- Goods receipt without order to quality inspection stock
525- Goods receipt without order to blocked stock
541- Transfer of unrestricted use stock to subcontracting stock
543-consumption by sub-contracting vendor
545-by product (Scrap)
551-unrecericted stock to scrap
553- quality inspection stock to scrap
555-blocked stock to scrap
561-Initial entry to unrestricted use
563-Initial entry to Quality inspection stock
565-nitial entry to blocked stock


601- Goods issue for delivery
603- Goods issue for STO with additional item.
605- Goods receipt for STO
641- Goods issue for STO

7XX Series

701- Inventory difference in unrestricted use stock
703- Inventory difference in Quality inspection stock
707- Inventory difference in blocked stock
711- Inventory difference in unrestricted use stock-LE WM
713- Inventory difference in Quality inspection stock MM-IM
715- Inventory difference for returns
717- Inventory difference in blocked stock LE WM

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