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Tuesday 17 September 2019

SAP Landscape-Transport Request (TR) Process in SAP- All Modules:

SAP Landscape-Transport Request (TR) Process in SAP- All Modules

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Landscape in other words we can call as Servers, and TR-Transport request- is whenever we make any changes to the configuration then system will pop-up a TR number.

TR number will be used to transfer the configuration from one client to another client- this will be within the server or outside server to server.

The below process is purely organisation dependent and it may vary from company to company.


 A server is a devise where set of programs has been installed to respond and save the queries into the database (Don’t worry if you don’t understand)


Client is the base where it will be always located in the server- and any queries to the client we can run in the server program (Don’t worry if you don’t understand).

Note: One server may have N number of clients.

SAP Point of View explanation:

Here SAP, in any company we have 3 servers, the landscape concept it may vary from business to business and organisation to organisation.

But every company will have all these 3 servers to maintain the company standards.

We can have SPRO settings option in only Development server and remaining two servers will not show any SPRO settings.

Movement of one server to other server will be done by SAP Basis team, and ticket needs to be created by our side to move the data.

1.     Development server

1)Sand Box

2)Unit test

2.     Quality Check server

3.     Production Server

Here above mentioned we have 3 servers and 1st server contains 2 clients.

Client 1: Sand box- where sandbox will be used for testing and development purpose and before implementing in main server, the consultant needs to test in Sandbox and once the consultant believes that 100% accurate then he will be implementing in Unit test Client.

Important note: Whatever the implementation we are doing it’s a custom and original one is developed by SAP and it been hidden in the systems- we will be calling as Golden client.

Whenever something goes wrong then we can reset all things from this client.

Client 2: Unit test

Here in the above step, its sandbox and where we will test for samples and once we are succeeding there then we can input the same in unit test by transferring the ticket to unit test from Sand box—SCC1 can be used to move.

For this step, no need to release the TR, we can move within client without releasing and without Basis help.

Now once you moved to unit test, Use the same TR number for moving-which will be done by BASIS team.

2. Quality Check server-QAC

Now TR needs to be released to move from one client to other client with the help of BASIS tam and TR needs to be released with T-code SE01

TR number should be provided to BASIS team with raising a ticket or email-Depends on your organisation process, once the BASIS team checks and moves the configuration to QAS Server.
Basis team will transfer the TR from one serer to another server by using STMS.

Here the testing will be done by Superuser from Purchasing team and in this server, they cannot open SPRO-Only Transactional data can be opened

Here the testing will be done and if everything is goods then they will reply to MM consultant that everything is fine to move to production, and the same TR can be transformed to production for real time.

If there is any failure in testing, then same thing will be replied to MM consultant and another TR needs to be created with correct configuration and repeat the process up to QAC test pass.

Once the TR is released and moved to quality then we cannot use the same TR for other amendments.
If the configuration is tested and passed, then we will follow the below process.

3.Production Server

As per the above step, if everything is goods then QAC team will be informing us regarding working of configuration and once after confirmation then we will ask the BASIS team will to move the TR-Configuration from QAC to Production.
Once the Configuration moved to production then they will inform in ticket regarding confirmation then after we will inform the end user to test the configuration by processing some real data.
Once the user confirms with UAT- User acceptance test then we can close the ticket.
Note: UAT is the mandatory from User and only after that we can close the ticket.

Important Notes:

Access for Different roles in SAP Landscape:

SAP Consultant: 

SAP Consultant will be having access for all these servers.
1.     Development- where SPRO Configuration settings must be done.
2.     Quality- Having access for QAS server
3.     Production- Only Display access for production server.

SAP Super user: 

SAP Super user will be having access to 2 servers
1.     Development- No Access
2.     Quality- Having access for QAS server
3.     Production- Having access to Production server to make changes for real time data

SAP End user: 

SAP Super user will be having access to 1 server.
1.     Development- No Access
2.     Quality- No Access
3.     Production- Having access to Production server to make changes for real time data

Firefighter ID: 

Sometimes end users were not able to make changes to data or release the PR/PO and some other data.

In emergency case they can request consultant to release the data instead of them.

For this we have given access for FF ID, where we can work upon approval from manager and respective solution lead then we can process further make changes.

Service Now: 

Service now is the toll where stakeholders and consultants work on tickets.

Here each request/problem the ticket needs to be created by the requester and consultant needs to work on that based on ticket.

Time will be recorded that time of ticket handled and resolved.

Each company uses some ticketing tool to receive the tickets and each department will have respective group ID, and it will be routed to the respective persons by separate team.
Once we handle the ticket then each time ticket will be handled to the same person.

Each conversation needs to be recorded and send to tech lead for the final approval of making changes.

Here changes will be done only 2 times in a month and every change will be recorded and final approval will be taken from solution manager and 2 days in a month we will make configuration changes.

If there is a priority request then we can do in the same day with appropriate approvals from respective team lead and business justification is required from requester that why they want it as urgent and this completes the TR process.


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