SAP Training September 2022

SAP Training September 2022
SAP Training September 2022

Friday, 11 October 2019

SAP MM-QM Integration (Materials Management and Quality Management Integration)

Materials Management and Quality Management Integration (SAP MM-QM)

MM-QM Integration:


We all know that Quality management plays a key role in any manufacturing sector and without Quality management the material will not get certified to use for production activities and vendor will not be paid up to the verification of quality management.

For example, all materials in plant cannot be done for Quality management and only few materials we can do QM like critical parts or end- product.

So, while maintaining material master if there is a quality management tabs in Material master then its an QM part and needs to be moved for quality management.



Material master- Quality management tabs (QM tabs will be updated by QM team)

Material master-QM slide-Inspection-01(Goods receipt inspection for orders)

Once we maintain these view in Material master, then when ever we procure this material to that plant then Material will be moved to Quality inspection automatically.

QM team should release the material from Quality to Unrestricted Use.


Once we maintain material master view-QM tabs (Mandatory).

We cannot control these delivery place in PR/PO/GR- once these settings are done then automatically Quality management will comes into picture.

Material – With QM view


PIR- Quality info record (Mandatory)-QI02

PR- Mention the material and plant which we maintained QM view.

PO- Create PO and once the supplier delivered the goods.

MIGO- once we do MIGO, goods will be moved automatically to Quality Management in the company for Quality check.

Note 2: QA32

Clear Inspection lot- Input data like plant or Material

Then execute- select the stock and do-UD (Usage decision)

Do the certification by going to Go to and do the certificate.

Then click on accept and select the move to – Unrestricted.

MM-QM Video will be uploaded to YouTube- Studyuuu SAPMM, Please visit and subscribe to Channel for more videos

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  1. Hi,
    Anyway we can select this QA Inspection in purchasing view in material master, so that it will create po nd post GR at QA inspection. What is difference between this QM nd selecting QA inspection in purchasing view?, Also thanks for doing blogging on sap mm and qm integration.


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